APSAD 2018
Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and other Drugs


Presenters are reminded that some of the best learning happens during discussion and are requested to ensure that they manage the length of their presentations to suit this timeframe. Due to time constraints, presenters are asked to keep their introductions brief and to only include the speaker’s name, occupation and organisation.

The Oral template is divided into two sections that you may use subject to the nature of your work. Please select the relevant section (A or B) from the two options within the template, details below.

We recommend using Section A within the template for work which describes quantitative data or results. Authors should note that the format requires the presence of concrete results, and this will be noted when abstracts are reviewed. In the case of research in progress, where results are pending at the time of submission, we would encourage this to be noted in your submission.

Subheadings for Section A are: Introduction and Aims, Design and Methods, Results, Discussion and Conclusions.

We recommend Section B for work which is more descriptive including qualitative research, mixed methods research, policy analysis, methods papers and/or some empirical studies.

Subheadings for Section B are: Introduction/Issues, Method/Approach, Key Findings, Discussions and Conclusions.

Presenters using either section of the template are encouraged to include the two ‘optional’ points in the template; Implications for Practice or Policy and Implications for Translational Research. If you choose to do so you will be granted an additional *50 words to answer them.

Abstracts must be submitted using the appropriate abstract template, please see the template below;
Oral Presentation Abstract Template