APSAD 2018
Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and other Drugs

Visa Information

Australian Citizens

Australian citizens and residents don’t usually need a visa to travel to NZ. But if you don’t meet the character requirements, you’ll need to apply for a visa before travelling to NZ.

Other Nationalities

There are many visa options available to people wishing to visit New Zealand. The appropriate visa option will depend, amongst other things, on the person’s purpose for visiting New Zealand.

Please refer to the New Zealand Immigration Website for guidance on the visa options that may be most suitable for event participants.


NB: These are the visa options available presently but the Department reserves the right to change regulations.

All visitors should apply for a visa at least two months prior to their intended date of departure, and four months prior for people with character or health concerns. The Congress Secretariat holds no responsibility for visa applications.

For more information please visit: The New Zealand Immigration Website