APSAD 2018
Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and other Drugs

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Poster numberPresenterPresentationAbstract
1Jane Akhurst
Self-reported cognitive function in individuals taking strong opioids to manage chronic non-cancer painAbstract
2Abdullah AlghamdiWhat is the relationship between co-administration of cannabis with tobacco and persistence of frequent cannabis use?Abstract
3Julaine Allan
Perceptions of RE-PIN – A residential rehabilitation program for people with cognitive impairments and substance dependenceAbstract
4Renee Bittoun
A Protocol for Tobacco Free Detox UnitAbstract
5Maria Bravo
Self-identified Health Conditions Reported for the Use of Medical Cannabis: Sleep Disorders and its ComorbiditiesAbstract
6Kerryn Coleman
Keeping the Kids Safe: Australia’s First Pill Testing PilotAbstract
7Samantha Colledge
Non-fatal overdose prevalence among people who inject drugs – A multi-stage systematic review and meta-analysis of recent evidenceAbstract
8Ross Comley
Acute tolerance to the effect of alcohol on Inspection Time and subjective intoxicationAbstract
9Reece Cossar
Dose-Response Relationships between self-reported Frequency of Methamphetamine Use and Criminal Activities in a Cohort of Metropolitan and Regional/Rural People Using Methamphetamine in Victoria, AustraliaAbstract
10Rose Crossin

Exploring the characteristics of family violence relative to packaged liquor outlet density using ambulance attendance dataAbstract
11Kristina Da Silva
Non-Medical Use of Pharmaceuticals Trends and AOD Treatment in AustraliaAbstract
12Dominique De Andrade
The effectiveness of residential treatment services for individuals with substance use disorders: A review of recent evidenceAbstract
13Rachel Deacon
Addressing unmet contraception needs in women who access drug and alcohol services: A pilot study integrating a reversible contraception clinic into an Australian serviceAbstract
14Paul Dietze
Comparing short versions of the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) in a military cohortAbstract
15Anna Doab
Guidelines for the care of Pregnant and women with Substance Use Disorders Abstract
16Caitlin Douglass
Alcohol-related harms and risky drinking among young people in Victoria, AustraliaAbstract
17Adrian Dunlop
Bupropion for Major Depressive Disorder and Smoking Cessation in Pregnancy. A Systematic Literature ReviewAbstract
18Alexander El Amanni
The Efficacy of Yoga with Addictions: A Scoping Review of EvidenceAbstract
19Beng Eu
PIEDs users' health care - creating health resources for PIEDs users in MelbourneAbstract
20Lachlan Facchini
Characteristics of Indigenous clients who accessed alcohol and other drug treatment services in AustraliaAbstract
21Jane Galea-singer
Challenging the Smoke in AddictionsAbstract
22Elly Gannon
Rural Treatment for Gambling: A Hybrid Face to Face and Tele-psychology Pilot in South AustraliaAbstract
23James Gooden
Characterisation of cognitive impairments in presentations to a community based specialist AOD neuropsychology assessment service Abstract
24James Gooden
Characterisation of presentations to a community based specialist AOD neuropsychology assessment serviceAbstract
25Linda Gowing
Modafinil and mirtazapine in the management of amphetamine withdrawalAbstract
26Linda Gowing
Pharmacotherapies for cannabis dependence?Abstract
27Robert Graham
Evaluation Of Cognitive Function Among Patients Receiving Treatment For Alcohol Dependency In Western Sydney Local Health DistrictAbstract
28Robert Graham
Divergent Expression Of Liver And Brain Injury In Alcohol Dependent CohortAbstract
29Jasmin Grigg
The Drug and Clinical Advisory Service (DACAS): The Past Five YearsAbstract
30Graham Gulbransen
Medicinal cannabis for chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia and… opioid overuse: review of my first 120 CBD prescriptions in Aotearoa NZAbstract
31Mary Ellen Harrod
Language matters: the development of a resource to improve treatment access and reduce stigma in drug and alcohol treatment settings through a community partnership modelAbstract
32Penelope Hill
Correlates of non-fatal opioid overdose among a cohort of people who inject drugs in Melbourne, Australia Abstract
33Jennifer Holmes
The Development of Clinical Care Standards for drug and alcohol services and implementation considerationsAbstract
34John Howard
Substance use and mental health among sexual and gender diverse peoples from Pacific Island Countries and TerritoriesAbstract
35John Howard
Substance use among young people in the Pacific Island Countries and TerritoriesAbstract
36John Howard
Substance use, mental health and sexual behaviour of college students in BhutanAbstract
37Fiona Imlach
Increasing Affordability Of Alcohol In New ZealandAbstract
38Elizaveta Iudakhina
Monitoring Alcohol Hangover Frequency And Severity: A Weekly SurveyAbstract
39Jennifer Kerrigan
Comparing Opioid Harms in Australia And Canada: Challenges And FindingsAbstract
40Stephanie Kershaw
Cracks in the Ice: A digital health initiative disseminating evidence-based information about crystal methamphetamine in AustraliaAbstract
41Sarah Larney
An analysis of correlates and reasons for not swabbing injection sites among Australians who regularly inject drugsAbstract
42Siobhan Lawler
Understanding the Developmental Relationship Between Adolescent Alcohol Use And AggressionAbstract
43Walter Ling
Psychometric Validation Of The Treatment Effectiveness Assessment In Patients With Opioid Use DisorderAbstract
44Nicholas Lintzeris
Treating comorbidities in cannabis dependent patients with nabiximols: findings of a placebo controlled RCTAbstract
45Arkady Manning-Bennett
Under the Knife: Dissecting Perioperative Pain And Discharge Management Practices in Patients Receiving Opioid Substitution TherapyAbstract
46Sharon Matthews
Using ambulance attendance data to measure the acute harms resulting from the misuse of alcohol, drugs, and pharmaceuticalsAbstract
47Sharon Matthews
Using ambulance attendance data to quantify harms arising from alcohol intoxicationAbstract
48Jessica Mccormack
Acceptability and Utility of the ‘StepAway’ App in a New Zealand Context: Feedback from End-Users and StakeholdersAbstract
49Ivete Meque
Social Drinking Contexts and Their Influence on Problematic Drinking at Age 30: An Exploratory AnalysisAbstract
50Llewellyn Mills
The Effect of Beliefs Concerning Treatment Allocation on Response to Medication in Clinical Addiction TrialsAbstract
51Llewellyn Mills
All or nothing: Issues surrounding the measurement and analysis of frequency of use data.Abstract
52Lauren Monds
53Lauren Monds
Setting up Medical Cannabis Vaporising Research in AOD Clinics in Australia – Issues and Key LearningsAbstract
54David Newcombe
Are consumers of alcohol and caffeinated energy drinks risk takers?Abstract
55David Newcombe
Gay and bisexual men who inject drugs: Findings from an HIV bio-behavioural surveillance study in Aotearoa/New ZealandAbstract
56David Leslie Outridge
Does Substance Use Change Following Provision Of Stable Housing In Homeless People?Abstract
57Amy Peacock
Opioid use and harms associated with a sustained-released tapentadol formulation: A post-marketing studyAbstract
58Amy Peacock
Trends in fentanyl availability, use, and harms in AustraliaAbstract
59Amy Peacock
Availability and use of new and emerging psychoactive substances in AustraliaAbstract
60James Petty
A national take-home naloxone program for Australia Abstract
61Jessica Pirie
Working With Gang Members: Suggestions For Working With Auckland’s Gang CommunityAbstract
62Rhys Ponton
Predicting harms posed by the injection of pharmaceutical preparations in New ZealandAbstract
63Garrett Prestage
Initiation of illicit drug use in the FLUX cohort of Australian gay and bisexual menAbstract
64Garrett PrestageIncidence and predictors of the initiation of cannabis use among gay and bisexual menAbstract
65Garrett PrestageIncidence and predictors of the initiation of amyl nitrite use among gay and bisexual menAbstract
66Brendan Quinn
Differences in methamphetamine use patterns, experiences of related harms and utilisation of professional support among metropolitan vs. regional and rural users of methamphetamine in Victoria, AustraliaAbstract
67Catherine Quinn
Impact of brief psychoeducational interventions for reducing alcohol use and related harm in school leaversAbstract
68Phill Read
Under The Bridge: Impact Of Non-Medical Provision Of Take Home Naloxone To Clients At High Risk Of Overdose In Community SettingsAbstract
69Sharon Reid
Mums experiencing injecting drug use, hepatitis C and healthcareAbstract
70Sarah Reilly
Do dependent codeine users need lower doses of buprenorphine maintenance?Abstract
71Julie Robert
Implementing a Long-Term Partnership-Based Strategy to Build the Competence and Capacity of the Specialist Alcohol and other Drug Treatment and Support SystemAbstract
72Lisa Robins
ARCHIE: Alcohol Relationship Change Interactive EngineAbstract
73Ann Roche
Profile of the NZ addiction workforce and their levels of wellbeingAbstract
74Ann Roche
Enhancing AOD workers’ wellbeing: A literature reviewAbstract
75Ann Roche
Changes in AOD consumption patterns among Australian workers 2007-2016: Beyond national normsAbstract
76Natalia Booth
“I am addicted to sugar. I eat way too much of it and can't control my intake:” Behaviour Change Strategies for limiting sugar consumptionAbstract
77Simone Rodda
“Come up with a plan for Booze free days”: Behaviour Change Strategies for limiting or reducing alcoholAbstract
78Eliza Skelton
Patterns and predictors of nicotine replacement therapy use among alcohol and other drug clientsAbstract
79Robert Tait
“Remediation And Property Values: The Costs Of Clandestine Methamphetamine Manufacturing In AustraliaAbstract
80Phillip Townshend
Introducing the Matrix Methamphetamine Treatment Program to Australia: a Pilot And Subsequent Development And Trial of the Australian AdaptationAbstract
81Anke Van Der SterrenA successful smoking cessation program for people accessing specialist alcohol and other drug non-government organisations in the ACT: the We CAN Program (Communities Accessing all-types of Nicotine Replacement Therapy)Abstract
82Anke Van Der Sterren
Workforce Characteristics, Capacity and Wellbeing: A Profile of the Specialist Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Workforce in the ACTAbstract
83Michael White
“The South Australian Specialist Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Service Delivery Framework ProjectAbstract
84Daniel Winter
Opioid Treatment Accreditation Course (OTAC) Participants in NSWAbstract
85Cassandra Wright
Drinking to cope with social anxietyAbstract
86Jun-ting Yeung
“Exploring Regression to the Mean in an Australian Cohort of Young Heavy DrinkersAbstract